Whether you want to lose weight, increase your sports performance, work on emotional eating or improve your overall health, I can help

Achieve your goals AND eat delicious food

I'm a dietitian, sports dietitian, and nutritionist passionate about helping people achieve their health and nutrition goals through a balanced and sustainable approach 

I offer appointments online or in person in Hampton (Melbourne)

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Hi, I'm Clare!


For brands, businesses or sporting clubs. Clare offers engaging, evidence based and practical nutrition presentations and workshops. Please contact Clare directly for more information.

Nutrition workshops

Provided in every initial consultation and updated along the way. They're flexible, provide meal and snack ideas and are completely individualised to your goals, lifestyle and eating preferences

Personalised meal plans

Online or in-person dietitian appointments designed to help you achieve your goals, increase your nutrition knowledge and give you the tools to maintain longterm results 

Nutrition consultations

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"My favourite nutrition podcast - hands down!"

Join me as we dive into the world of nutrition, one delicious episode at a time.

Each episode of Balanced by Clare is packed with evidence-based guidance and simple tips and tricks to inspire you on your health journey. Whether you're seeking weight management strategies, tips for improving athletic performance, or simply a better understanding of your nutritional needs, this podcast is your go-to resource.

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the podcast that celebrates the joy of balanced Nutrition

Balanced by Clare podcast

Teaching you the essentials of nutrition, how to become an intuitive eater (& what that even means), how to build balanced meals and filling snacks, how to read nutrition labels, what to look for in products, plus more!

This is your new nutrition bible. Jam packed with information, meal and snack ideas, it's exactly what you've been needing

Simple Balanced Nutrition 


Nutrition that's simple, delicious and helps you reach your goals

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